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Online Shopping for Kids

Online Shopping - Here are some really cool places to find fun things for bright kids.

National Geographic Online Store for Kids

National Geographic Kids Shop

The Discovery Store - if you like the Discovery Channel, you’ll like their store!

Shop at the Discovery Channel Store.

The History Channel - Online store for the History Channel where you can get DVD’s and video tapes of all their programs.

The Space Store - If your child is a NASA nut, here is the place to shop for NASA souvenirs!  Their retail store is located across the street from Space Center Houston and the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Lucas Arts Store - George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, now has an online store for Star Wars games, gifts and DVD’s of Lucas’ movies.  Great place for the Star Wars fan!

LucasArtsStore.com - Official LucasArts Store

Software and PC Games

Achieve! by The Learning Company

This collection of CD sets include fun computer games that teach  Math and Science, or Reading and Writing.  The Math and Science for grades 3-6 collection is particularly good with 4 CDs covering topics such as geometry, money transactions, fractions and decimals, multiplication and division, electricity light and sound, momentum and acceleration, and our favorite, exploration of the solar system.  Find out how much you would weigh on Jupiter, or how high you can jump on Mars, or how long it would take you to get to Pluto!

ACHIEVE!(tm) Math & Science Grades 3-6

ACHIEVE!(tm) Math & Science Grades 3-6

ACHIEVE!(tm) Math & Science is a great tool to help children achieve their personal best! This collection of award-winning software titles is designed to improve grades and skills in school - regardless of a child's current level.




Dorling Kindersley Publishers

We love DK books, they are highly visual and have excellent content.   If your child likes pictures and absorbing information quickly through a visual spatial presentation then these books are for you.    DK not only has books for children but also books for the Bright Adults in your life.  We love their travel books, they seem to have more information about the sites we like to go see.  All their books have wonderful pictures and detailed drawings with full explanations of each subject.


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