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Does you child have a fascination with numbers?  Is Math their favorite subject?  Math can be fun and there are lots of games and books to exercise a child’s knowledge or desire to do math.

Equate: The Equation Thinking Game

Equate - The Math Version of Scrabble!

This board game like Scrabble except with numbers and mathematical operators instead of letters.  Tiles may be single digits, fractions, plus, minus, times, or division.   Players take turns adding tiles to the grid such that they form mathematically correct equations.  Each player can participate at their own level, whether they’re still working on addition and subtraction basics or finessing higher-level or algebra skills.  Pick up the Advanced Tile Set for negative numbers and exponents. Equate board game includes 190 number and operation tiles, 4 tile racks and rules. For 2 to 4 players or teams.  Ages 8+

The Math Explorer: Games and Activities for Middle School Youth Groups (An Exploratorium book)

The Math Explorer - a book of hands on fun math for Middle School

Looking for a way to get middle-schoolers interested in math? The Math Explorer will do just that. The folks at the Exploratorium, who brought you the Science Explorer series, have created this book filled with games, puzzles, and science experiments to help kids develop math skills while having fun.

Best of all, you don't have to be a math whiz yourself. Youth groups and families have tested each activity to ensure that it includes all of the information that you'll need to help guide your group. Launch rockets, fly kites, play games, make cool things-- and learn about math in the process!  Ages 12+ 

Third-Grade Math Minutes: One Hundred Minutes to Better Basic Skills

Math Minutes

These great activity books provide a quick reinforcement of basic math skills. Each book is developed to enhance a child’s overall math fluency, plus add fun approaches to key areas, ranging from counting and measurement in the first grade volume through factors and square roots in the middle-school edition, with ten problems of varying degrees of difficulty on each page.  Each page has ten math problems on it designed to be done a problem a minute.  We like to use this book to squeeze in math practice since the problems are short enough without loosing quality.  Grades 1-5 and Middle School level. 

Zoombinis Logical Journey
by The Learning Company
Platform: Windows 2000 / XP, Mac

Learn important life skills and more as you lead the Zoombinis to freedomProduct InformationTravel to a remarkable new world and treat your brain to an outlandishly fun and challenging adventure. Diabolical Bloats have seized Zoombini Isle and it will take a clever mind to help the Zoombinis navigate their way to safety. Standing between you and your destination are twelve perilous puzzles with four levels of difficulty each. But beware this is no ordinary challenge. Zoombinis’ captivating gameplay features math without numbers. Solving Zoombinis puzzles uses the process of mathematical thinking. This process includes organizing information reasoning with evidence and testing systematically. Dive into the exciting and wacky world of the Zoombinis and develop information-age logic skills used in writing computer programs organizing spreadsheet data and searching for information on computer networks. Skills LearnedAlgebraic Thinking Data Analysis Graphing and Mapping Logical Reasoning Pattern Finding Problem Solving Statistical Thinking Theory Formulation and Testing Product FeaturesPrintable activities. Sharpen your skills even when you’re away from the computer. 12 perilous puzzles with 4 levels of difficulty each. Play again and again! With puzzle reformulation it’s a new game each adventure! Helpful puzzle clues and a handy practice mode build confidence every step of the way. A detailed Parent’s Guide explains the innovative educational approach behind each puzzle.

Primary Mathematics 1B Textbook (Singapore Math)

Singapore Math - These workbooks are used most often by homeschoolers in the US and are used nationally in Singapore.  The books have been modified for the US audience and are wonderfully written.   Singapore Math is recommended by many professionals who work with gifted  children.  Click here to see a description of the curriculum from the text.  Click here to see a sample page.

Developing Math Talent - book for parents

This is a terrific book for the gifted child who excels in mathematics.  Focusing on challenging and educating these gifted children in math, the book covers topics such as testing and assessment, talent searches, suggested materials and curricula and teaching mathematically talented children.   It is an excellent book packed with information that you can always go back to refer to. Topics such as advocacy, enrichment and acceleration are covered.  As we parents of gifted children know, their talents show themselves very early.  This book has a discussion regarding preschoolers.

For parents! 

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