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Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Gold EditioncivilizationIVBuild your own civilization from the year 4000 BC!  Learn how to build roads and the infrastructure needed to grown your civilization to take over the world.  Unlike other empire building games this one has real history to learn.  The civilizations you play against are real civilizations of the past.  It can be a great way to be introduced to a little history.  Also the fighting in this game is non-violent unlike other programs.  Your skill develops in strategy and understanding how civilizations grow by managing natural resources, finances and trade, scientific research, cultural and political policies and, of course, military development.   This game is so well developed in it’s ability to replicate the actual process of a developing civilization a doctoral thesis was actually written on it’s value as a teaching tool.   Ages 12+    $47.99

Knights and Battles - Discovery Plus

cvrknights&battles2This book accurately describes life in Medieval times, from Knights and Kings to Castles and warfare.  A visually tantalizing book, it is thick with tabs, folds, flaps and acetates and packed with information.  This is another book we found in a museum store, but you can get it easily through amazon.com Click on the link in the picture to the left and go to the book’s main entry page, you can see inside the book by clicking on “search inside”.  Words don’t do it justice here.


cvregyptology2A NY Times best seller, this book is the journal of Miss Emily Sands, dated 1926, an Egyptologist.  You get to read her notes and see some of her collections of artifacts in this book.  There are pop-outs and minibooks and fold out maps.  It’s a fun book for kids and it’s jam packed with facts about Ancient Egypt. 

The British Museum’s Timeline of the Ancient World

cvrbritishmuseumtimeline2This book has a fold out timeline that spans Neolithic settlements in 5000-6000 BC to the end of the Roman Empire.  The Book introduces the history of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome with photos of the museum’s collections from these ancient cultures.   The timeline compares the four cultures through time with pictures of the artifacts from the period and photos of landscapes from these countries.

Oxford Children's History of the World

oxford childrens history of the worldThe Oxford Children’s History of the World is a terrific book for history buffs.   A complete chronology of the history of man from 8,000 BC to modern day, this one volume encyclopedia has all the major points of world history captured in one book.   It’s a good overview for any child interested in the history of the world.  Each era has maps and diagrams of civilizations and conquests.  

Atlas of the Medieval World

atlas of the medieval worldThis excellent compilation of the Medieval World covers this vibrant part of history in an in-depth but easy to read format.  Bright middle schoolers or high schoolers will love this book.  Adults will love it too! From the Publisher: "From the expansion of Islam across the Mediterranean to the appearance of centralized states and Christian monarchies, the Atlas of the Medieval World draws from new archival and archaeological evidence to reveal a period of astonishing cultural vibrancy and political diversity." Vast in its geographical scope, the book covers nearly a millennium of one of the most formative phases in history, treating all major cultures outside of the Americas.

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