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This is a really cool puzzle that is very easy to pick up but challenges your mind and your visual spatial creativity.  You simply connect the loops by color.  The tiles are made from Bakelite which is a plastic that feels great in your hands and is very durable.  This discover pack is a 10 piece set for beginners with simple shapes that are captivating.Below is a review of the game and how it’s played.  Choice of green or black tiles.  $5.95 plus shipping and tax.

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blokusBlokus was recommended to us by another family that loves visual games.  This one is easy to learn and can be hours of fun for everyone. 


Puzzellations and Fractallations are foam tessellation puzzles that were designed by a mathematician. We found these tantalizing shapes and colors really get your attention and get your mind engaged.  Children can’t help but be attracted to these puzzles. The puzzles combine art and math to stimulate creativity. Most of them are simple enough for five-year olds, but can also challenge older kids and the brainiest adults. These puzzles have many different solutions, allowing them to be used over and over again.  They are wonderful toys that allow the most curious minds play with geometrical shapes to create amazing patterns.  Tessellation in art was made famous by M. C. Escher.  You can buy these puzzles online or through The Bright Kids Resource, Inc.  Please call for details.

HexaPlex Fractals - puzzellation
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