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Aitoh Traditional Art of Washi Eggs Box Kit

Washi Eggs Kitwashieggs

Using an art form that has flourished in Japan through the centuries, four chiyogami sheets are used to layer slim strips of paper to create a smooth, seamless effect on the two wooden eggs. “Chiyogami” is literally, thousand generations (chiyo) paper (gami), which is a highly decorative silkscreened Japanese paper.  Includes two wood stands, a paint brush and an enamel gloss glaze for finishing. Glue is required, and we recommend Nori Paste, a non-toxic, acid free glue specially made for paper crafts.
Age 5+  $14.95

Romantic Mandala

mandala designerMandala Designer

Enjoy creating an endless amount of beautiful Mandala designs. Place paper into the designer frame, insert the Mandala stencil wheel and trace around the shapes of your choice. Simply rotate the wheel to create different patterns. Each Mandala Designer kit comes with frame, one Mandala stencil wheel, paper, felt-tip pen and six coloring pencils. Measures 14.5" x 10.5" x 1".  Age 6-12 yrs $14.99

Papyrus ArtPapyrus Paintings Sets 

Practice a 3,000-Year-Old Art Ancient Egyptians discovered that the stems of the papyrus plant made an excellent surface for writing and painting; discover for yourself the artistic possibilities of the medium with these papyrus-and-paint sets, all outlined and ready for painting. The eight acrylic colors were chosen to match those used in ancient art; kit also includes a fine-tip paint brush. Each set includes three hieroglyphic images. Ages 8+  $14.95

My First Pottery Wheel

Motorized Pottery Wheel, Kid-sized!pottery wheel - motorized

A Real Pottery Wheel, Kid-Sized! Every detail has been included, including a foot pedal for speed control, six real tools, two colors of clay, plus complete instructions on how to throw and mold bowls and vases. The compact dimensions of the electrically operated wheel let kids use it anywhere they like, and it even runs on batteries if a plug isn’t handy (AC adapter included or uses four D batteries, not included). Refill kit includes 2 lbs. each beige and terracotta clay.  Ages 8+ $49.95

www.DickBlick.com - Online Art Supplies

DickBlick Art Supplies - one of the largest suppliers in the nation, has been supplying artists and teachers with high quality art supplies since 1911.  They have creative materials and art supplies for painting, drawing, scrapbooking, crafts, kids projects, ceramics, graphic design, sculpture, print making, calligraphy, and all available online!

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