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If you’re looking for just the right gift, a new learning toy, some educational aids or perhaps just more interesting things for your children to do at home. these local shops have some of the best products for bright kids.

Educational Warehouse - iconnature17iconnature17iconnature17iconnature17

White Plains, NY (same building as Sports Authority) and Spring Valley, NY - The Educational Warehouse has been around for a long time and it houses a large selection of teaching supplies and educational tools and toys that are perfect for doing that little extra at home.  We were looking for a good product to learn how to read an analog clock.  The Educational Warehouse not only had one cool “Owl Clock” which taught  you both analog and digital time but also had a host of other clock learning toys!  They also have the largest selection of workbooks for every subject you can imagine for elementary school through high-school.  They have a nice selection of art supplies for those craft projects.    Parents and teachers both use this store both home and school supplies. There is an extensive collection of manipulatives and learning games. 

Scholastic Store - iconnature17iconnature17iconnature17Scarsdale Park Mall, 450 Central Ave., Scarsdale, NY - Newly opened in 2005, the Scholastic Store provides a place to sell both Scholastic books as well as other education publishers.  This store has books on science, culture, geography, history and of course fiction books!  There are science kits and a nice selection of science books.   They have a good collection of workbooks.  There are also after school events and things for children to do.

Lakeshore Learning Store - iconnature17iconnature17iconnature17Midway Shopping Center, 969A Central Ave., Scarsdale, NY - The Lakeshore Learning company manufactures teaching supplies for preschool through early elementary school ages.  The store in Scarsdale has just recently opened in 2004.  While bigger than the Educational Warehouse, many of the supplies are geared towards supplying preschool and elementary school rooms and do not have any products for higher grades.  They also have a nice collection of learning board games for reading and math.  There is a collection of arts and craft supplies for the classroom and a wall full of preschool puzzles. 


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