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What is The Bright Kids Resource®?
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Where kids can expand their minds
Children naturally love to discover, to explore and use their developing intellect to learn exciting new things.    Cultivating that love of learning gives a child a life skill that builds brain power.

A child’s natural desire to learn
Children are naturally attracted to figuring things out; How does this work? Why does it do that? Can I make it happen?   Children are taught what they are required to learn but they aren’t always allowed to discover things that interest them.  The Bright Kids Resource® (BKR) gives children the resources to explore, discover, create and find exciting new things.   BKR gives children things that are interesting; things that are fun and are intellectually captivating.  BKR encourages curiosity and to answer the question: Why? At BKR the children are the “doers”, the creators and the explorers of the knowledge they discover.

Where children find excitement for their minds….
BKR provides a convenient way for parents to provide their children resources to enrich their minds and create brain excitement in everything they do.  There are lots of things to do for kids such as dance, music, sports, art but there’s not much to do for expanding their minds. BKR provides information on exciting, enriching, intriguing, mind developing things such as after-school programs and events and by reviewing games, books, places to go, and things to do.

The Bright Kids Resource®
The Bright Kids Resource, Inc.®, provides a one-stop-shop where parents can find activities and resources that are of interest to children.  The Bright Kids Resource® Information Center is the best place to find information about toys, books, electronic, PC or board games, or just local places to go that have that “Bright Kid Fun Factor”.  If you have a child who is looking for something really interesting and fun to do, The Bright Kids Resource® is the place for you!

“It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy...let’s go exploring!” - Calvin and Hobbes, Universal Press Syndicate

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